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Jewish Education Talks

Mar 30, 2020

A relaxed, substantive conversation about Jewish education with Stan Zive, friend and educator. Listen as we engage in a far-ranging discussion about Stan's experiences as a teacher, his approach, and general thoughts. This episode only scratches the surface and there is much more to dive into next time! 

Mar 9, 2020

Ari Poyurs has spent time as a Jewish studies teacher as well as in a role as informal Jewish educator. Join us as we hold a relaxed and enjoyable conversation about Jewish education and his point of view on some topics.

Feb 25, 2020

What is the purpose of Jewish Education? Join me for a relaxed monologue about three possible outlooks that you may or may not have heard of before. The first two, continuity and inherent meaning of Jewish learning, have been well explored in the literature, but the third one may be new to you. If we start thinking...

May 24, 2018

Am interview of two different people involved in Jewish Education in South Africa. At the Jewish education symposium, I went looking for personal journeys in Jewish education to share with the listeners of this podcast. Here are the first two.